We are a sangha of seekers.   All Buddhist topics are welcome.   All persons are welcome to join and participate in the discussions here.   A sangha is a community of people seeking the middle path of Buddhism.   Our sangha of seekers has no affiliation with any particular school of Buddhist teaching.   All are welcome here, and we have fairly active representatives from all the major schools.   So if you post a question or comment, you will very likely get replies from several viewpoints.

This group is older than Yahoo! Groups.   The group was originally founded on OneList, which became a part of eGroups, which was bought by Yahoo! many years ago.   Fortunately Yahoo was able to keep the message archives, so members now have access to over 56,000 messages posted over the last 9 years by our membership.

This is a semi-moderated group.   Messages from new members are held until approved by a moderator, this prevents spammers from flooding the group with junk.   Once a member proves they can post messages without problem, they are taken off moderation and can post freely.

Our moderators have been group members for a long time.   The moderation team includes Bill Wilson, founder and original moderator;   Miriam Solon, member since day 2 and first assistant moderator;   Bob Gould, member since 1999 and our moderator from down under;   and last but by no means least, Pat MacKenzie, also a member since 1999 and for over 2 years group owner and chief moderator.

If there's ever a problem with the group or with your membership,
please write to the moderation team at:

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